Ljubljana is the start of my return to Europe. In October of 2015 I spent two weeks in Iceland and had an incredible time. I had been planning a European trip for a while but I wasn’t really sure where I wanted to go. It wasn’t until I found Alan X El Mundo, a Mexican YouTuber with a channel dedicated to travel. His highlight of Slovenia made me fall in love with the country’s natural beauty. After seeing his series on Slovenia I knew I wanted to drive through Vršič Pass and experience Soča Rocks. This is my adventure throughout Slovenia.

10 Days ・ 6,929 Photos ・ 1600 kilometers

Slovenia Collection

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Best of Slovenia

A road trip in May, 2018

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Exploring the capital city

Triglav National Park

My favorite part of Slovenia

Bled, Slovenia

Make Bled your base for day trips

Piran, Slovenia

Two Days in Piran

Gorizia, Italy & Kanal, Slovenia

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