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Zion National Park

Hiking is one of my favorite activities. I was in Las Vegas for Christmas week and because I’m not fond of gambling, the idea of driving to Utah for a day and explore Zion National Park really spiked my interest. And to be completely honest, I really wanted to shoot more with the Zeiss Batis 25mm. Christmas Day is not really a thing among the Hispanic community, like Christmas Eve is. Nothing was planned for Christmas Day and I ventured off to Zion National Park. This is my day at Zion National Park, all shot with the Sony A7R Mark ii and the Zeiss Batis 25mm 2.0f.

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72 Hours in Las Vegas

A guide for those not amused by the idea of gambling but are still interested in Las Vegas. I had about three days in Las Vegas and I covered the strip, Hoover Dam and Zion National Park. I have family in Las Vegas, which means I didn’t stay in a hotel or even rent a car. All provided by my family, including a general idea of where the best places to eat are. Las Vegas to me is really a place to eat. In this guide I will cover what to do with limited time, including where to eat breakfast, lunch and where to catch dinner. If you have time and can drive to Hoover Dam, go. The drive to Hoover Dam is beautiful and each stop is worth taking a few photos.


The Central Coast from Above

I have lived in the central coast my entire life. I semi-grew up with a guy that is now a helicopter pilot. On Monday, October 17th 2016 we decided to go for a helicopter ride around town. We departed from Watsonville Regional Airport and flew to Salinas and back along the coast. Total flight time was about an hour and 10 minutes and I had a great time. We occasionally flew at a very low of about 100ft. I took my Sony A7R ii with a Zeiss Batis 25mm. Here are the shots of today with that gear.


Driving the Icelandic Ring Road

This year I wanted to take a trip where most people don’t go for their first solo-trip. Before leaving, many people asked: why Iceland? Well, to put it simply: it’s just different than most countries. Not only is the country gorgeous throughout the Golden Circle but it has many features that satisfy my geeky personality like fast 3G data in practically the entire country. The result of having such a connected society results in things like a cashless society, which I really appreciated. I didn’t need cash once, I was skeptical initially and my parents thought the idea of not taking any cash was hugely irresponsible. My American Express Starwood Preferred Guest was accepted everywhere, with a few exceptions. Here are my 14 days in Iceland.


Iceland - Shot on iPhone

In October I took a flight to Iceland and I spent the first two weeks driving around the entire country. My main camera during the trip was the Sony a7r Mark ii and I have an entire gallery of photos from the camera. Driving the Ring Road in Iceland. I purposely delayed my trip to Iceland because I wanted to take my new shiny iPhone 6s with me. After looking at my iPhone photos, I had to compile an album to share with others, the photos that the new iPhone 6s takes are simply too good to keep for my self

36 Hours in Canada

First week of March I decided it was time for a quick international trip, this time: Canada. I've had the urge to visit Canada for a while now and the American Airlines devaluation was coming up. $128 + 25k AA miles later I was in Canada. I was only there for about 36 hours but had a great time. Calgary is a great small city, filled with great restaurants, really nice parks and awesome people. Canadians are seriously awesome! Can't wait to go back. Really interested in seeing their national parks

Yosemite National Park

For a while now I've been wanting to go back to Yosemite National Park. I was hesitant initially and worried about the weather and how icy roads could impact road conditions. I know about chains but never used one or even seen one. The weather was awesome during Valentine weekend and had a ton of fun. Shot these photos with the Sony A7R Mark ii and the Sony Zeiss FE 35mm 1.4f

Point Lobos Natural Reserve

You don't have to visit other countries to experience the beauty this planet has to offer, you just have to look at your back yard. I've lived in Monterey all my life and never visited Point Lobos until now. If you're in town, visit, it's an incredible place. As the sun set, I drove south to Bixby Bridge and was intrigued by police lights. Turns out, someone fell over and needed help. I've been quite vocal about my frustrations with recent incidents of abuse of police power but I was honestly moved by the dedication of police. I said earlier you don't have to travel to other countries to experience a beautiful view, you don't but really should.

Big Sur, CA

Went out testing the Sony RX1 down the California Highway 1, through the gorgeous central coast.

Monterey, CA

Walking around Monterey, CA during the 4th of July weekend with the Sony RX1.