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DME By Soliton Systems

DME, now owned by Soliton Systems is the leading provider in secure device management with clients in Europe, North America, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa. DME (Dynamic Mobile Exchange) is an application for corporations and governments to securely exchange information and separate work and personal communication. In addition, DME allows clients to securely move files between devices and the corporate network. DME gives clients the power to protect company assets by allowing remote wipe of user’s work data. See my contributions in greater detail.

Dewey for iOS

Dewey is a life automation platform. From chores to scheduling to any other monotonous task, the platform will manage your life so you can focus on what necessitates your brain power. Worry less about laundry or what social event you’ll be attending. Instead, invest your energy in tackling challenging issues that only a human can solve. See More

EarlyBird for iOS

EarlyBird from the very beginning was created with the intention to make our lives easier, to make our morning better in our increasingly busy lives. The goal of EarlyBird was to deliver a healthy breakfast to large cities like San Francisco, New York City and DC. A challenge from the beginning was to make this interaction simple and barrier free and complete transactions in single-digit second counts. See More

Phil's Fish Market

My role in this project was to create an experience for customers visiting Phil’s Fish Market, a popular restaurant in my area. My responsibilities in this project were to design the app, create interactive prototypes to test various design ideas and build the app. The goal of the client was to integrate the menu, make it easy for people to arrive at the restaurant and include promotional material. See More

Contra for iOS

My responsibilities for Contra were to design the interface and create prototypes to test all design decisions. In addition to UI and prototypes, I had to produce artwork assets for production. The goal of Contra was to create an environment for people to debate their passions, be it politics or science.See More